Finding The Right Online Hypnosis Course

Finding a good quality online hypnosis course is no easy task. With so many different courses to choose from, making a decision on which course you should choose can be a little overwhelming.

The hypnosis industry is unfortunately not free of charlatanism, and a lot of courses out there will claim to be able to teach you "mystical forms of hypnosis" which in reality is just utter nonsense. A lot of "new age" hypnosis courses will attempt to combine "universal energy", "remote healing", "reiki" and other disciplines with some pseudo-hypnosis techniques, shamefully perverting a respectable field that has been used for hundreds of years.

It is important to stay far away from any hypnosis course that claims to be able to channel any form of mystical "energy". Now don't confuse this "mystical" energy with the scientific definition of energy. Hypnosis does involve a lot of energy, but it's most definitely not mystical.

Hypnosis, in its strictest sense, is about influencing a person's subconscious mind in order to make short term or long term changes in an individual. There is no supernatural process involved in this. You'll find a lot of hypnosis courses that have been recently created will claim to be able to look into a person's "past life", or even remotely heal another person. These things are quite simply not possible, and any course which advertises these feats is a scam.

Do not confuse hypnosis with spiritualism, as they are two completely different fields. One has scientific evidence backing its existence, the other does not. You should stay well away from any course that mixes the two.

A Hypnosis Course That Teaches Illusion

A lot of what people believe is based upon their observations. When we see a magician performing at a magic show, it doesn't matter how spectacular the tricks are, we still know at the end of the day that none of it is real.

Why is it then that we so freely submit ourselves to beliefs which aren't as spectacular as a magic show, and believe they're real? So many people believe in astrology, psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and other superstitions even when there is no evidence surrounding these beliefs.

Indeed, you'd be hard pressed finding a psychic or an astrologist that can perform magic as well as a magician, yet because people believe the psychic or astrologist is "real" and not merely putting on a show, people fall into a false sense of reality. This false sense of reality is known as an "illusion", and almost all of us live in an illusion of some form.

What annoyed me the most within the hypnosis industry was that so many professional hypnotists would deceive other people by pretending their hypnosis was something that it wasn't. I'm not talking about ordinary hypnotists, I'm talking about professional Master Hypnotists who had been studying hypnosis for many years and should have known better.

Every time I watch a "faith healing crusade" I can see the hypnotic techniques used that cause people to fall down to the ground. Every time I watch the next greatest "TV Psychic" I can see the subtle hypnotic communication techniques that the "psychic" is using in order to give people the illusion that they have supernatural powers, even though they don't.

Hypnosis can do many, many things, and when it's disguised as being something supernatural, it can be very, very deceiving.

I also noticed that a lot of my fellow practitioners would even go so far as to create online hypnosis courses which would actually claim hypnosis could be used to "channel energy remotely" and other things, even though the hypnotists knew such things weren't possible. This is the exact sort of thing that gives hypnosis a bad name.

Yes, hypnosis can be used to hypnotize people without them being aware of it. Yes, you can seduce any member of the opposite sex using hypnotic techniques without them even knowing, and yes, you can use hypnosis to make money, all these things are possible... but the question you should ask yourself, is it really ethical to do so?

I don't believe it is. I won't deny that I've experimented with these things myself (any person wanting to Master hypnosis must experiment a little), however I'm at a stage now where I don't believe that doing these sort of things long term is really an ethical practice.

I thought that it was time I exposed the hypnosis industry and the "secret society" that concealed these hypnotic techniques. I was tired of seeing the ordinary layman being conned out of his money by psychics and their ilk, and so I thought it was my duty to create a hypnosis course that explained exactly how the truly powerful forms of covert hypnosis work.

Now don't get me wrong, the vast majority of hypnotists are very ethical people. The people I am slandering here are those people that don't claim to be hypnotists, but rather claim to be something else such as a "psychic", a "medium", a "clairvoyant" or any other form of spiritual charlatan that simply uses hypnosis techniques, but then denys it.

This course I created exposes the exact techniques that Master Hypnotists use to hypnotize people at stage hypnosis shows and then make the people (even the audience) forget everything that's happened. It exposes the deceptive skill known as "Cold Reading" and explains how it can be used to seemingly read a person's mind.

I know you may have your doubts about me, but I ask you to believe me when I say that maintaining a skeptical, critical mind, is imperative to being a rational, thinking individual. If you believe the next greatest "snake oil remedy" that comes along, then you're going to be the next "gullible victim" to these charlatans.

If you want a hypnosis course that will teach you how hypnosis really works, without any of the supernatural garbage, then I wrote my course with you in mind.

In this course of mine you're not only going to learn how hypnosis can be used to convince just about anyone you meet to do anything you tell them to do, but you're also going to learn how more deceptive, unethical forms of hypnosis are used on the masses each and every day.

The reason I'm willing to teach you these hypnosis techniques isn't so that you can go out there and do unethical things (I really hope you don't do that), but it's rather so that you can gain a healthy understanding of both the ethical and unethical side of hypnosis. I just hope, and pray, you only use the ethical side of what I teach you.

So if you're ready for a hypnosis course that will teach you things you will never find at a conventional hypnosis seminar (take my word for it, you won't) then my course is for you.

I suggest you find out more about my hypnosis course.

I'm not going to lie and say it's cheap, it isn't. It will cost you $176 (I've temporarily lowered the price), but in comparison to attending a weekend hypnosis seminar (which would cost you upwards of $2000) where you wouldn't learn any of the advanced secret stuff, this course really is a bargain.

The question you have to ask yourself is "Are you serious about learning hypnosis, or not?"

I will warn you however that my hypnosis course isn't for the faint of heart. Unless you want to understand and attain an absolute mastery of hypnosis, then my hypnosis course isn't for you. If you just want to learn how to hypnotize your sister or something like that, then I'm sure you could find a cheaper course elsewhere.

Once again, you may find out more about my course, and its content, by clicking here.

If you want to go straight ahead and order it, you may do so here.

Please note that my course does come with a 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Because I believe in my course, and know that you will gain a lot from it, I can offer this gaurantee with confidence (I've had very, very few refunds).


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